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ItMusic is a music community for both listeners & artists. Listeners can discover, support, and interact with amazing artists. Artists can sell, promote, and interact with engaged listeners. ItMusic is totally free to use!

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ItMusic FAQ

Have a question you want answered?  Email support@itmusic.us and we will get back to you ASAP!

·         Karma

o   What is Karma?

§  Have you noticed the numbers next to a person’s name?  Or perhaps you have seen red and green “lights” throughout the ItMusic site?  These icons are a part of the Karma system that is the backbone of Itmusic’s meritocracy. It allows you to voice your opinion about the music you hear & customize your ItMusic experience.  When you spread positive Karma to other people and their music, it’s just like clapping at a concert or cheering at a festival.  You are showing them your support and saying you’d like to hear more.  ItMusic tracks where you have spread both positive and negative Karma which helps us customize your experience with song recommendations, featured tracks and other great tools to find new music. 

o   Why is the Karma score important? 

§  There is a lot of music out there and without your help we may never get to hear it!  As songs and artists receive positive Karma from ItMusic users, those songs will rise to the top.  Only the songs with the highest karma scores become featured tracks. Additionally, artists with top Karma Scores will receive invites to exclusive featured artist groups!

§  We want you to have a personalized ItMusic experience.  When you spread Karma we can learn your tastes and provide future music recommendations based on your ratings.  We want you to find new music more quickly and easily than ever before. 

o   How do you spread Karma?

§  All you need to do is push the green or red light associated with the song or artist.  When you push the green light you spread positive Karma.  Push the red when you aren’t feeling the vibe and would rather hear something else. The more you click, the more customized your music will be.

o   How do I see a Karma Score?

§  Next to each song title and username is a small black number.  That number is the Karma score. The higher the score, the more positive Karma they have earned.

o   How do I earn positive Karma?

§  Create great tracks that people will love.

§  Upload them to your profile (please see our terms and conditions about uploading music).

§  Tell your fans about your new music and get them to provide Karma feedback. 

§  Spread positive Karma.  After all what goes around comes around!

·         Uploading songs

o   Does ItMusic take any ownership of my music?

§  Absolutely not. ItMusic purely provides a platform for musicians.  We will never take ownership of your music.  You created it.  You own it.

o   Can I upload songs that I don’t own the rights to?

§  No.  You are required to own the rights prior to uploading any music.  Please see our terms and conditions for a full explanation of what you can and can’t upload. 

o   I noticed someone has uploaded my music without my permission.  What can I do?

§  Contact us immediately!  Send an email to support@itmusic.us to report any issues with the music that has been uploaded to our platform. 

·         Selling Songs

o   Are all the songs on ItMusic for Sale?

§  Not necessarily.  It is 100% up to the artist(s) that own the rights to the song if they want to sell them.  They can sell the song, give it away for free or make it only available for play on ItMusic.  It is their choice.  Feel free to message an artist if you like a song and would like it available for download.  You never know until you ask!

o   How are the songs prices set?

§  The Artist(s) that own the song get to choose their own price.

o   Does ItMusic take a % of the song sales?

§  No.  ItMusic does not take any portion of song sales. In fact, we actually will cover your transaction fees for you! 

o   How do I sell a song on ItMusic?

§  Creating great music is the hard part.    Selling on ItMusic is easy.  Just click the share button that will always appear in the top right corner of any ItMusic screen. Once you are there, you can upload your music and set pricing.  You can remove your tracks at any time and there is no fee to upload.  From there just provide us with the email that is linked to your PayPal so we can send you your payments. 

·         Buying Songs

o   How do I buy a song on ItMusic?

§  Easy!  Just click the “buy” button that is on each tracks page.  Then complete your transaction via PayPal.  You can also visit our store to browse all of the songs that are available for sale. 

o   Can I purchase with a Credit Card?

§  Unfortunately right now ItMusic is in the early stages of selling music on the site and we can only operate via PayPal.  Luckily, PayPal is free to start and easy to use.

·         Privacy

o   ItMusic takes our clients privacy seriously.  In-line with our core value “Always do what’s right,” we wouldn’t do anything with your information that we wouldn’t do with our own.    Check out our privacy statement for a full explanation. 

·         Embedding Music

o   Can I embed music on my personal blog or Facebook?

§  Yes!  It’s easy.  Just click the “embed,” Facebook or twitter icon on each tracks page.  We will instantly generate the appropriate code that allows you to easily embed the track wherever you need it. This is a great way to help spread the word about new music you have found and love. 

·         Playlists

o   How do I create a Playlist?

§  Anytime you are listening to a track on ItMusic there is a “Playlist” button next to that track.  When you click on the button it will give you the option to add that track to one of your existing playlists or it allows you to create a new playlist.  You can create as many playlists as you would like and you can listen to other users’ playlists – which is a great way to discover new artists. 

·         Sponsored Events

o   I have seen ItMusic banners at local shows. What is that all about?

§  At ItMusic we love great venues, independent artists and everything else that helps spread great music.  Thus we enjoy supporting and promoting artists that have their music available on ItMusic.us by hosting events that feature ItMusic artists and performers.  Become a fan of ItMusic on the site and learn about the venues we will be at next!


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