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ItMusic is a music community for both listeners & artists. Listeners can discover, support, and interact with amazing artists. Artists can sell, promote, and interact with engaged listeners. ItMusic is totally free to use!

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ItMusic: a music first social media site. Created by artists for artists & music lovers.


For musicians we provide:

  • A platform to collaborate with other artists
  • The ability to interact with your fans
  • A platform to not only stream your music but also imbed it on your website, blog, or anywhere else you choose
  • A fair & full service platform to sell your music
  • A chance to promote your music based purely on merit, not on how much money you have

For listeners we provide:

  • A platform to interact with your favorite artists
  • The ability to find new, amazing music
  • A safe & secure way to purchase music - where 100% of proceeds go to the artists

ItMusic never takes ownership, copywrites or anything else from the artist.  We believe in an honorable platform that helps great music to be heard.  


Core Value

Always do what’s right.



ItMusic is a digital ecosystem committed to:

Providing independent artists with direct access to the marketplace, giving listeners a larger voice in getting what they want and doing so in an honorable manner. 


To contact ItMusic for anything you may need, please email me at NoahItMan@ItMusic.Us and I will get back to you as soon as I can

ItMusic, llc.

Minneapolis, MN

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